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Systematic Government Access to Private-Sector Data in Germany
2 International Data Privacy Law 289 (2012)

The PII Problem: Privacy and a New Concept of Personally Identifiable Information
86 N.Y.U. Law Review 1814 (2011) with Daniel Solove

Regulating Governmental Data Mining in the United States and Germany: Constitutional Courts, the State, and New Technology
53 William & Mary Law Review 351 (2011)

Prosser’s Privacy and the German Right of Personality: Are Four Privacy Torts Better than One Unitary Concept?
98 California Law Review 1925 (2010) with Karl-Nikolaus Peifer

Preemption and Privacy
118 Yale Law Journal 902 (2009)

Warrantless Wiretapping, FISA Reform, and the Lessons of Public Liberty
A Comment on Holmes’ Jorde Lecture, 97 California Law Review 407 (2009)

Review Essay, From Victorian Secrets to Cyberspace Shaming
76 Chicago Law Review 1407 (2009)

White Paper, Managing Global Data Privacy
A Report from the Privacy Projects (2009)

The Future of Tax Privacy
61 National Tax Journal 883 (2008)

Reviving Telecommunications Surveillance Law
75 University of Chicago Law Review 287 (2008)

Data Mining and Internet Profiling: Emerging Regulatory and Technological Approaches
75 University of Chicago Law Review 261 (2008) with Ira S. Rubinstein & Ronald D. Lee

Anonymous Disclosure of Security Breaches
in Securing Privacy in the Internet Age, 221 Stanford Law Press, Anupam Chandler, Lauren Gelman & Margaret Jane Radin, eds. (2008) with Edward Janger

Technology, Civil Liberties, and National Security, in Security v. Liberty: Conflicts Between National Security and Civil Liberties in American History
189 Russell Sage Foundation, Daniel Farber, ed. (2008) with Ronald D. Lee

Notification of Data Security Breaches
105 Michigan Law Review 913 (2007) with Edward Janger

Privacy Inalienability and Personal Data Chips
in Privacy and Technologies of Identity, 93 Springer, Katherine Strandburg & Daniela Stan Raicu, eds. (2006)

Book Review, Beyond the “War” on Terrorism: Towards the New Intelligence Network
103 Michigan Law Review 1446 (2005) with Ronald D. Lee

Privacy Inalienability and the Regulation of Spyware
20 Berkeley Technology Law Journal 1269 (2005)

Property, Privacy, and Personal Data
117 Harvard Law Review 2055 (2004)

Evaluating Telecommunications Surveillance in Germany: The Lessons of the Max Planck Institute’s Study
72 George Washington Law Review 1244 (2004)

Book Review, The New Privacy
101 Michigan Law Review 2163 (2003) with William Treanor

Eldred and Lochner: Copyright Term Extension and Intellectual Property as Constitutional Property
112 Yale Law Journal 2331 (2003) with William Treanor

German and U.S. Telecommunications Privacy Law: Legal Regulation of Domestic Law Enforcement Surveillance
54 Hastings Law Journal 751 (2003)

Voting Technology and Democracy
75 N.Y.U. Law Review 625 (2002)

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Information Privacy, and the Limits of Default Rules
86 Minnesota Law Review 1219 (2002) with Edward Janger

Privacy, Participation, and Cyberspace: An American Perspective, in Perspektive Datenschutz
Schulthess Publishing, Zurich, Switzerland, B. Baeriswyl & B. Rudin eds. (2002) and Internet Politics: A Comment on Dick Morris’s Version of Internet Democracy
34 Loyola L.A. Law Review 1071 (2001)

Comment, Free Speech versus Information Privacy: Eugene Volokh’s First Amendment Jurisprudence
52 Stanford Law Review 1559 (2000)

Beyond Lessig’s Code for Internet Privacy: Cyberspace Filters, Privacy-Control, and Fair Information Practices
2000 Wisconsin Law Review 743

Internet Privacy and the State
32 Connecticut Law Review 815 (2000)

Charting a Privacy Research Agenda: Responses, Agreements, and Reflections
32 Connecticut Law Review 929 (2000).

Privacy and Democracy in Cyberspace
52 Vanderbilt Law Review 1609 (1999)

European Data Protection Law and Medical Privacy, in Genetic Secrets: Protecting Privacy and Confidentiality in the Genetic Era
392 Yale University Press, Mark A. Rothstein, ed. (1997)

Privacy and the Economics of Personal Health Care Information
76 Texas Law Review 1 (1997)

Privacy and Participation: Personal Information and Public Sector Regulation in the United States
80 Iowa Law Review 533 (1995)

European Data Protection Law and Restrictions on International Data Flows
80 Iowa Law Review 471 (1995)

The Protection of Privacy in Health Care Reform
48 Vanderbilt Law Review 295 (1995)

Constitutional Change and Constitutional Legitimation: The Example of German Unification
31 Houston Law Review 1027 (1994)

Data Processing and Government Administration: The Failure of the American Legal Response to the Computer
43 Hastings Law Journal 1321 (1992)

Book Review, The Oversight of Data Protection
39 American Journal of Comparative Law 618 (1991)

Review Essay, Baby M. in West Germany
89 Columbia Law Review 347 (1989)

The Computer in German and American Constitutional Law: Towards an American Right of Informational Self-Determination
37 American Journal of Comparative Law 675 (1989)

Recent Public Trends in West Germany
Partisan Review 235 (1987)

Note, Parental Rights and the Habilitation Decision for Mentally Retarded Children
94 Yale Law Journal 1715 (1985)

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