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Privacy, Information, and Technology
(Aspen Publishers, 3d ed. 2011) with Daniel Solove

Based on Information Privacy (4th ed. 2011), this paperback covers topics such as electronic surveillance, computer searches, USA-Patriot Act, privacy and access to public records, data mining, identity theft, consumer privacy, and financial privacy. This book is designed for use in courses and seminars about cyberlaw, Internet law, law and technology, privacy law, and information law.

Information Privacy Statutes and Regulations 2010-2011
(Aspen Publishers 2010) with Daniel Solove

This paperback compilation includes the complete text of nearly forty statutes, regulations, and other primary materials. It includes: APEC Privacy Framework, Cable Communications Policy Act, California Breach Notification Statute , California’s SB1, Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, CAN-SPAM Act, Council of Europe Convention on Privacy, Drivers Privacy Protection Act, Electronics Communication Privacy Act, EU Data Protection Directive, and many more statutes.

On-line Services and Data Protection and Privacy: Regulatory Responses
(Brussels, 1998) with Joel R. Reidenberg

Data Privacy Law (Michie Publishing 1996, Supplement 1998) with Joel R. Reidenberg

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